Other Demos or Workshops


Thursday 30th January 2020 Alex Purves – local artist.

Many thanks to Alex for his very interesting talk on Landscapes, illustrated by slides. He described the beginnings of landscape paintings which in mediaeval times were not considered worthy enough by the religious patrons of art. Early landscape painting started to appear in religious work but were usually of invented scenes with ruins etc. Frustrated portrait artists started to introduce landscape scenes by placing their subject within a landscape setting rather than with a studio backdrop. Eventually when religious control eased, landscape painting developed as an art form in its own right, with numerous styles through the ages, as illustrated by Alex.

Thursday 6th February 2020 Phil Reynolds – York artist.

The Club welcomed Phil Reynolds for a workshop in acrylic with the subject being a seascape. Apologies are due to Phil as I forgot to take my camera and so was unable to record the evening’s proceedings. Phil started with a short demonstration showing his use of charcoal as his drawing medium, which he found blended in well with the acrylic, once it was applied. If he needed more instant dark areas, he was happy to apply more charcoal to blend. He had a neat tip for creating his horizon using another piece of paper and smudging charcoal over the edge of the paper onto his painting. He also advocated the use of a limited palette of colours and said he often used colours based on the Zorn palette (Anders Zorn a Swedish artist) with colours usually being yellow ochre, ivory black, cadmium red and titanium white, although he also usually introduced a blue as well. He also explained how he used some acrylic media to give different effects. After his demonstration the club members had a go, some using an image Phil supplied, or using their own image. As with all workshops you soon realise where you have gone wrong! We all enjoyed the evening and intend to have another go next week! The members expressed an interest in a return visit by Phil at a future date, with perhaps ‘Abstract’ as the theme. Thanks to Phil for an enjoyable session.