Julia Borodina Workshop


Julia Borodina

We welcomed Julia to the club for the first time 31st October 2019. Julia's theme for the evening was 'Bold Watercolours' and she started with a demonstration watercolour painting.

She used her colour wheel (with the Whitenight watercolour names), to recommend the use of a more limited palette using three colours close to each other and also their complimentary colours e.g. the set Cadmium Yellow, Orange Lake and Cadmium Red Light with the complimentary set of colours Azure, Ultramarine and Violet. Neutral mid tones and dark tones could be produced from mixing the sets of colours.

Original working image

Finished demonstration painting

The group then had a go, most using the same image. We enjoyed doing the exercise but the effect wasn't as good as Julia's! However, we are not giving up and will be having another go next week - a bit more thought, preparation and practice required on our part!!

Many thanks Julia, we had a great evening!